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MOB™ Back Healer ( 壮腰宝 )
Come with instruction and DVD

 Colors of the item varies from time to time


Latest Version of the Back Stretcher's series. It is more effective for back pain, stiffness and weakness.

The "knuckles" stimulate pressures point and relieve endorphins to overcome pain. It is the best self-help tool for spine, back and legs problems.

壮腰宝的设计呈弧形框架, 可支撑和舒展肩膀,有助减少脊椎及腰背部的压力。尤其脊椎附近的肌肉,因重力伸展的动作受到影响,壮腰宝使肌肉重新归回正确位置,感到自然无压力的状态。

壮腰宝为背部不适问题提供解决方案,每天使用13次,可帮助告别长期疼痛的 问题。经过忙碌工作的一天,不妨使用壮腰宝解除一天的疲累,让身体重新恢复活力。

MOB™ Neck Healer ( 肩颈宝 )
Come with instruction and DVD
Colors of the item varies from time to time

Promotion apply to retail
purchase only!!
The best self-help solution to neck pain.
  • Treat tightness, soreness and pain around neck regions.
  • Improves blood flow, energy and "chi" around head, neck and thoracic.
  • Reduce headaches, fatigue and numbness on both hands.
      STOP Neck pain now
      Neck is rejuvenated

日本创制肩颈宝 放松肩颈肌肉组织

人体的颈椎是输送氧气进出 头脑的主要管道,也是人体荷尔蒙排出的工厂。因此,颈椎的健康与否决定了一个 人的精神与健康。

长期使用电脑,不当的工作 习惯与姿势、受伤或先天性因素等,皆可能造成颈部问题。颈部问题的症状包括了 颈部疼痛、酸痛、紧绷、僵硬、双手麻木、头痛及呼吸问题等。

要避免发生颈部问题,比较 实际的方法是预防,比方说避免一些重复性的动作,在生活中运用几个简单的身体 运动,可帮组避免颈部退化。

创制于日本的& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; 肩颈宝”(MOB™ Neck Healer) 用生物动力学及指压技术的 反地心吸力,松解颈骨所承受的压力,放松肩颈肌肉组织的紧绷状况。它有效透过刺激管道,发挥灌输与扩散作用。Master 

如同一时间使用日本仪古式力学绑脚技术,可达至更佳的效果。可随时使用的“肩颈宝 ”,价格实惠、安全且操作简单。

Isogai Alignment Belt

come with DVD


Come in sets of 3, frequent binding leg with 3 belts correct uneven hip joint and leg-length discrepancies. Binding of both legs strengthen hamstrings, quadriceps and improve performance of both limbs.

The binding leg technique also name the Isogai Dynamic Therapy (IDT). It is the only self-help therapy which technique emphasises on stabilizing pelvis and spine, with ultimate goal to correct body distortion. The belts work together with Back Healer and Neck Healer to fight back and neck pain.

MOB™ Master Of Back ( 壮腰宝 )
Come with instruction and DVD
Colors of the item varies from time to time

The Master Of Back is a high end design among the Back Healer  series. It is highly durable. It is stimulating and effective in treating frozen shoulder and back pain. The design is  more suitable for men, fleshy and overweight person.

MOB™ Back Support (9-L)
( 万效护腰垫 )

Rm 249


An affordable and effective back support for the comfort of sitting. Sitting incorrectly is the major cause of low back pain, if we don't sit well, how
can we be healed?? Special curved out contour shown in yellow "circle" pushes up and hold lumbar region firmly while we sit.

Sitting long hour is no longer painful.

U-Shape Heat Therapy
(Therapy for Neck, Shoulder  And Knees )

 (New Stock Available Now)
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

U_Shape on_shoulderon_knees

The most reliable of its kind.  European and USA UL-Approved. Made in Taiwan. It is safe, durable and handy to carry around. The adjustable temperature  with warm effect relieves pain, soreness, tightness and promote better blood flow. 

It is an ideal self help therapy for  osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, A.S (Ankylosing spondylitis), neck pain, back pain, frozen shoulder or knees pain.

Suitable for all ages, especially seniors in particular.

MOB Neck Protector

MOB Neck Protector

Neck Right (Support)


Support the neck while driving.

MOB™ Seat Support


Item come in dark green color
* 获得一个万效护坐垫

The Seat Support lifts-up and distributes pressure evenly acting on the sacro/pelvis region. It prevents numbness, pulling feelings or pains on both legs caused in a sitting

The Seat Support is a must for all who experience sciatica or pelvic girdle pain. It acts as decompressor to relieve compression on the sciatic region

Isogai Legs & Knees
Therapeutic Bench



Promotion apply to retail purchase only..!!!

This ergonomic designed bench is to relieve knee and leg pains. The bench provides comfortable and healthy sitting environment for those who experience leg and knee problems. Users are guided with some effective movements to treat back and knee pains. The bench is also helpful for sitting long hours, over-weight, diabetic, physically weak or stroke sufferers. Frequent use of the bench will increase oxygen intake, improve blood circulation, promote better metabolism and improve muscles’ strengths.

* Available within West Malaysia only*
Please take note; for East Malaysia purchase please contact Enzyme Home Sdn Bhd (Kota Kinabalu) at 012-831 5796 / 017-850 2222

Isogai Spine Correction Roll

A special made latex correction roll that is firm and springy to hold up, stretches and realign spinal imperfection. The Correction Roll works concurrently with the Neck Healer and the Back Healer for optimum treatment result.

The Correction Roll is important for self-help Scoliosis session.