Your Neck & Back Pain Solution.....!!!!!!
Major Benefits:-
1) Ergonomic      2) Correct Sitting Posture      3) Reduce Low Back Pain
1) The curvatures of the MOB™ Backrest are specially designed and made according to which region of the back the person needs supporting i.e. if a person suffer from lower back pain, he would use the lower back support (MOB F-4L) or a person would use an upper back support if he experience upper back pain.

2) WHAT material is MOB™ Backrest made of? MOB™ Backrest is effective because the material used to make it is highly durable and firm enough to hold a person's body. The net is made of micro fibre fabric (a material used to make parachutes) - it is very durable and will not tear easily unless it is cut by a sharp object (like knife, cutter or scissor).

Even if it is cut, it will not tear like any fabric does. The frame is made of carbon graphite which will not bend easily like iron, therefore, maintaining the special curves without defeating the purpose of supporting the back, and it can hold a body weight of up to150kgs without changing its shape.

3) MOB™ reduce back pain by improving sitting postures, correcting spinal alignment and preventing deformation of our spine which may be caused by long hours of sitting.
Special Remarks
DO NOT mistake MOB™ Backrest with other similar products in the market. MOB™ are clinically proven as one of the most effective and friendly back support in town, as we can see that it is widely distributed by medical personnel, physiotherapists. chiropractors, doctors, pharmacists and hospitals.

MOB Back Rest 9L 
万 效护腰垫

Ergonomically designed

Incorrect sitting posture and long hours of sitting are major causes of Lower back pain.

Thus, sitting with proper support is crucial to protect lower back, strengthen muscles and prevent pain and

MOB  9-L is also effective in helping to relieve pain and discomforts on both limbs and legs, sciatica in particular.

Back Support
Item No# - MOB  9-L
  Price :
Rm 249

( This is a lower back support
Back Rest )

All deliveries to East Malaysia please add RM45 per item.

This has been clinically proven the most effective back support to reduce low back stress.

            Excellent on car seats, also suitable for office and sofa.

The Design of MOB9-L Back Support include essential features such as:-
  • Support all three curves; the thoracic, the lumbar and the sacrum in the spine.
  • Designed to apply force vectors at the right points in the spine to stimulate a reflex that forces you to sit upright.
  • Provide proper support to the back, forcing us to sit with our spine properly aligned.
  • Maintain a correct sitting position or posture so that the body can be neutral thus able to stay away from the painful neck and back  discomfort.
The Seat Support helps to alleviate discomforts on both legs by lifting up the compression on the tail bone and buttocks. The Seat Support may be an essential tool for sciatic problems
MOB™ Seat Support
Item No# - MOB S/spprt
    Price : RM248.00

   Relieves Back Pain Without  you Knowing it !!

All deliveries to East Malaysia please add RM45 per item.
            (seat support come in green colour) 

The SEAT SUPPORT helps to distribute pressure evenly  when we sit especially on the sacral & coccyx region of the spine.

Excellent for office / executive chairs, can also use on car seats

Common causes and symptoms of Back Pain.
      Back pain causes are numerous and varied, and is aggravated by poor posture and inadequate support. In other words - bad ergonomics.
Sitting without back support usually leads to poor posture, which stresses the soft tissue, joints and disc in the spine and these leads to lower back pain, even muscle tension (e.g. sciatica). This is why, adequate back support when sitting is so important.

Slump sitting is probably the chief culprits of low back pain, neck pain and degenerative structural changes that develop gradually overtime. Pain may be felt in the low back pain, neck, in more serious cases pain can also be felt from the upper back to legs and arms. This is because the lower back has difficulty straightening up into the standing posture after sitting too long in a slumped rounded position.